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Transportation | Contract Audits

Transportation | Contract AuditsOverall growth in the New York State has provided an increased need for transportation authorities and agencies to become involved in and manage major transportation and transit projects. Valles Vendiola LLP has provided numerous audits of transportation projects, both to the agencies operating and on behalf of the contractors/grantors of those agencies. We have audited both fee for service contracts and cost reimbursable contracts of bus, railroad and airport operators.

Our firm has also been engaged to provide audits of numerous federally and state funded multitask order engagements. The engagements have included cost allocations, indirect costs, subcontractor/grantee visits, preparation of independent audit report by site, closeout audits, preaward surveys, and eligibility audits.

Our work has included the performance of a variety of tasks on preaward surveys of large potential contractors. These tasks have included: reviews of cost allocation plans and indirect cost rates, review of costs systems, determination of rates and other charges, closeouts audits, and site visits to subcontractors, among others.

Our typical turnaround response time has been one day for preaward surveys with completion within two weeks. This means that we have consistently been able to provide our report for these types of assignments within seven to eight working days after receipt of the task order.

For the past twenty years, Valles Vendiola LLP has audited over 2,000 cost-plus-fixed-fee government contracts with engineers, construction firms, railroads, utilities, transit operators, airport operators and municipalities. As a result of our extensive practice in performing special contract audits for Federal, State and City government clients, we have formed a special audit group whose only responsibility is the audit of contractors doing business with our government clients. This group, which we are assigning to this project, has a proven track record of excellent performance in the states of New York and New Jersey.

This group is based in our main office in Queens, New York and has performed contract audits of numerous contractors located in various parts of the United States. This group has also performed audits of transit, railroad and airport operators under the NYSDOT engagement. All of the professionals in this group, including seniors, supervisors, managers, senior managers, and partners, are thoroughly knowledgeable in all aspects of third party contract and compliance auditing and the applicable government regulations and standards. This expertise ensures NYSDOT that the individual auditors performing the detailed procedures are seasoned professionals experienced in contract auditing and fully conversant with all audit regulations and requirements. Further, since we have extensive experience in performing third party contract audits, we can develop important findings and recommendations for NYSDOT.

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