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Job Vacancy

Job Title of Opening: Auditor

  • In the capacity of an Auditor, I meet with clients to establish the scope of audit engagements primarily involving non-profit agencies and governmental audits. My primary function is to make recommendations for purposes of improving client’s internal controls as well as operating policies and procedures. In this regard I review audited financial statements of non-profit, governmental and quasi-governmental agencies to ensure compliance with Uniform guidance requirements; I verify effectivity of client’s internal operational controls. Secondarily I participate in conducting audits in accordance with GAAS. I examine and analyze client’s accounting records to verify accuracy. I review financial data and inspect journals to ascertain that accounting records are in accordance with GAAP and in compliance with applicable governmental regulations. As required, I research noncompliance or unusual entries that fall outside normal GAAP to determine proper solutions. I review preliminary audits to ensure they are accurate and properly prepared. Finally, I prepare reports for management concerning scope of results of the audit.
  • Requires a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and 2 years of experience. Experience as an Accountant or Controller is acceptable, or any suitable combination of education, training or experience thereof.
  • (X) Full Time Hours
  • Jobsite: New York, NY
  • Scheduled Days: Monday – Friday